This is an AB Conversation, Please C Your way Out.

Almost everyone has heard this line, and almost everyone has wanted to say it at least a few times. Last week, I was talking with a friend about the new White Chocolate Bar Palette that Too Faced came out with, and some nosy person decided to tell me “you wear too much makeup.” Of course, I had a full face of makeup on, but I love doing my makeup and obsessing over foundations. I have been told, more times than I can count, that I wear too much makeup, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I don’t care.

I don’t wake up in the morning and think “Hm, I wonder what so and so is going to think if I wear bright lipstick,” and I DEFINITELY don’t wake up and think “I better not wear a full face today, so and so told me that I look better without makeup.” I put makeup on because I think it is fun and I like it. Too Faced’s Cocoa Contour palette gives me life. Maybe video games give you life, but do I tell you that you play video games too much? No, and because I am a nice person, I am going to let you in on a secret that keeps me and everyone around me happy. Ready?

Here it comes.

I mind my own business.


“Oh no!”

*Someone faints in the distance*

“How does she do it?”

Well, my friends, it’s simple. When someone is having a conversation and it doesn’t include me, I don’t give my opinion. When someone is wearing something they should not be wearing, I let them rock it. I mind my own business because, and I don’t know if anyone knows this yet, but what other people do, say, wear, eat, or drink in their personal life and on their own time is their business and theirs alone. The next time you want to give your opinion on something, think to yourself: ‘Is what I want to say helpful or does it contribute to the conversation? Am I even a part of this conversation or am I just being nosy?’.

Another life tip, try not to care so much about what other people think. If I took it to heart every time someone told me that I wear too much makeup, I probably wouldn’t be able to blend or apply mascara without stabbing my eye out. Do what YOU want, what makes YOU happy, and please don’t ever change anything about yourself based on what someone else thinks.

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Hello! My name is Alina Cook, and I am the Editor in Chief of the Newspaper club! I have a passion for writing news stories and the work that goes in to keeping the website up to date with all the latest news! I play softball and my dad's job in the Army has moved me across the country my whole life. I'm so happy I ended up here in AK, my time here has been nothing short of amazing.

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