The Ominous Moon


I have holes and craters that make my surface appear damaged but oddly more complete.


You are surrounded by light and skies of painted color,

And symbolize a temporary ending to my temporary darkness.


For I am the powerful ominous moon, and you the delightfully peaceful sun, 


You chase my shadows to sleep and give a false sense of refreshment to the ones you’re rays touch.


As if their problems will leave without my presence,

And somehow my shadows will carry them away.


I do not lie or falsify the truth, 

I provide it Cold and unapologetically which is why few dare to hold my penetrating gaze.


For the night is as cold as I am,

And the tide just as ruff.


For the day is as unpredictable as you are,

And the clouds just as unforeseeable.


By, Alyssa Wagner





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