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If you are an aspiring artist, lover of drawing, or just a student that wants to make a difference, the Memory Project may be something of your interest.  Mr. Bera has introduced this project to his art students, and wishes to reach out to anyone else who may be interested in participating.  

Memory Project is a nonprofit organization that allows students to make portraits for refugee children on the other side of the world.  Students will be given a full-page color print of a child’s face, which they can recreate using any material they wish, as long as the drawing is realistic and not abstract.  In the spring, Mr. Bera will send in all the portraits that have been made, as well as $15 per drawing, to the officials at the organization.  Each of the portraits will be hand-delivered to the children in whatever country and situation they are currently living in.  Right now, Mr. Bera has 40 available prints to give to eager students, and will order more if needed.  The 20 girls and 20 boys that Eagle River students will be drawing are living in a Syrian refugee camp, and have little to no personal belongings.  These self-portraits will bring smiles to their faces, despite the conflicts they have had to overcome in their young lives.

You do not have to be one of Mr. Bera’s students, nor do you need any past experience with art, in order to participate.  He will be holding after-school classes to teach interested students who may need help in recreating the portrait.  You are not restricted to just one portrait either, nor must this be completed at school.  If you are interested in the Memory Project but participate in after-school activities, you have several months of time to complete the portrait at home if desired.  This is an incredible opportunity to spread peace and kindness to a young generation that lives in a culture that is very different from our own.  The future is made and changed by the decisions of growing and learning students, and this is a unique way to reach out to others in order to promote good international relationships.  

If you have any questions regarding the Memory Project, you can go to either Mr. Bera or the organization’s website for answers.  This is a really unique opportunity that students will most likely remember for their whole lives.  Not many projects in high school are as memorable as this will be.  I highly encourage that you at least consider doing it.  Even if you are not an artist, you can still participate in the fundraising portion of the project.  Mr. Bera will update the announcements as he gets information, so pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask him any questions that you may have.  His first after-school class will be on October 2nd for about an hour.  He will have more later on in the school year, and will update students with the dates over the announcements.  Your interest and participation in this project will go beyond the environment of the classroom; it will bring a smile to a child who lives on the other side of the world.  I personally believe that you will never again complete another school project that is nearly as powerful as this one.

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