The Determination of an Over-Achiever

Having a mindset that compares to an overachiever could be very complex in many different ways; being persistent to achieve more than enough, working to the maximum, or drilling oneself to accomplish many jobs after another. Many people might roll their eyes at the mentioning of this topic or they have respect for the ones who try their best. The question is, what drives many people in the world to over-achieve? What encourages them to go beyond the limit wanting to achieve more?

“It could be other influences or what they want personally,” Dalton R. says. Many over-achievers have personal reasons to explain why they work so hard to accomplish their goals. Some people even work hard to get out of their home environments and start a new life path, which they believe is what’s best for them. Another personal reason is to be literate and educated to be in whatever major they want to be a part of. Someone could be influenced by other important figures in their life who help them along the way. Another motivation to be an overachiever is wanting perfect grades, to get a big  “A” written on assignments.

“They want to go get a high paying job or they want to impress their parents.” Christian L. said. The thrill of seeing the excitement on their parents face might be enough to motivate them to do the best that you can and over-achieve on grades for the core classes and electives. Or to become the valedictorian and be the top of your graduating class. Many people do want a high paying job to fulfill their needs and wants, to be able to do whatever they want to do.  It’s not just about the high paying job, it’s about what encouraged you to be the person you want to be and the extra work you put into it.

“To be better than people, or feel smarter than people. Or even better about themselves.” Kailah J. explains. This could be the personal reason someone chooses to over-achieve because they want to be smarter than most and feel great about it. To consume themselves with so much work that they eventually feel confident and feel self-love towards themselves that they never felt before. Also if there ever was a crisis that occurred in that person’s life to make them drown themselves in work to forget about the sadness or emptiness in their life.

“Personal Reasons, doing it because they’re inspired from someone or something. Doing it to be proud, not only for yourself but for your family” Matt N. concluded. This quote sums up all the thought process of this article, reviewing all of the subjects and reasons why someone would reach the point to over-achieve. There are obviously way more explanations for someone to have the desire to over-achieve but those are the main key ones. There is more to over-achieving that meets the eye.

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