Peer Leadership: Student Engagement at a High Level!

If you want to be in a class where you are able to move about, try Peer Leadership.  Peer Leadership is a class where you are always interacting with other peers. One of the things that make this class unique is that fellow students mainly teach it.

            You start each class by getting into what Mrs. Casey, the Peer Leadership teacher, calls “a ready circle”. From there, Mrs. Casey will use the circle to start the activity and give her students insight on what is going on, or just give an update about the class.

            “I like that the class is mainly student taught.” Mrs. Casey says. “I believe that this class is for everyone because those who don’t know can learn new skills, and those who do know can teach them.” When asked what her favorite activity was, she said, “My favorite class activity would have to be the cable system because it combines everything that we’ve learned, and the students are really proud of themselves.”

            Next, I interviewed Julianna Teamer, she is a senior here at Eagle River High School and a student in Peer Leadership. When asked what her favorite thing about the class was, she said, “I like that everyone gets a chance to talk.” Peer Leadership is one of her favorite classes. Her reason for joining the class was that it seemed like a lot of fun to her.

            Now that we heard from Mrs. Casey and one of her students, let us hear from one of the peers who teach the class. Grant Burningham is a peer instructor in this class; he is in the 12th grade and has been in Peer Leadership for 3 years. The reason why he joined the class was because his friends would always talk about how fun it was. When asked if he thought Peer Leadership was for everyone, he replied with, “Everyone is welcome. Some people start out not liking it, but by the end they start to enjoy it.”

            I, for one, can say that sitting in a class for 6 hours is not very fun. It is refreshing to have at least one class where you are not always sitting on your bum. I find it easier to focus in my other classes knowing that I have a class where I am moving around, and not just staying in one spot all period. If you feel that it is hard to make it through the day or just need a little social interaction, Peer Leadership is the class for you!

By Ray Petering

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