Student Submission Winner- Spencer Nickerson

O My “C!” My “C!”

O “C”! My “C”!
O “C”! My “C”! Our devastating game is gone.
Our jerseys have torn, the championship we thought is none.
The buzzer is close, the claps I hear, the people all cheer.
While trailing the forward steady, his stick rises to the hook.
​But O no! No! No!
​O the whistle is blown.
​Where on the ice my “C” drops to his knee.
​Headed to the box for all to see.

O “C”! My “C”! Raise your head and believe.
For the team of four will hold off the offense.
It is now up to us to relieve.
For two minutes we push back their advance at little expense.
​O wait! Wait! Wait!
​The gate opens and he escapes.
​Behind the enemy he awaits.
​The saucer is pushed to his lumber.

O “C”! My “C”! One on one he is off to the races.
He weaves left, he weaves right, with this score he erases.
Will it be top left, top right, weak side or strong?
He shot five hole, but he was wrong.
​O “C”! My “C”!
​Ohhh, the crowd gasped.
​SAVE the announcer SCREAMED.
​O “C”! My “C”! Our devastating game is done.

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