Eagle River’s Rising Stars

On Friday, December 1, 2017, Eagle River High School’s annual Talent Show starred some of the school’s most prestigious and gifted students. From magicians to musicians, the competition was filled with laughter and smiles. The event raised over $2,000, the money going to future school events sponsored by the school’s Student Government.

Filled with twenty engaging acts, only three performances were chosen as winners. Junior Kali Spencer took third place with the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical Les Miserables, winning a $25 gift card to Jitters Coffee Shop. Second place favored Junior Morgan Bolin who sang an original song of her own titled “Over Tone”. Bolin also won $50 gift card to Jitters. Taking themselves by surprise, the student band PROTIKAL took home first place, each of the Eagle River students taking home a $100 gift to the place of their choice. The band performed “Love Runs Out” by One Republic.

PROTIKAL was formed around the same time of last year’s talent show. The band consists of four members: lead singer senior Liam Walsh, Chugiak senior Delaney Glenn who specializes in string instruments, Ethan Forsyth* pianist, and drummer and backup vocalist sophomore Lauren Wadsworth. “We kind of get together when something fun comes up”, states Walsh when asked about practices and how often they perform. “We all have crazy schedules so it was really hard to practice together,” said Wadsworth. Unfortunately, Forsyth was not able to make the performance due to scheduling purposes. The band had teacher Mr. Perry Lewis stand in on the guitar while CHS student Delaney Glenn jammed out on the piano. While the members are thankful for their triumph, they couldn’t help but profess their want for equality among the judging.”I was so proud of everyone that was in my band,” stated Liam Walsh, “but everyone was so good too. I just everyone to have an equal chance.” The day of the Talent Show was actually the band’s first time with most members present and performing the song. Winning the competition hadn’t crossed their minds, and as the band heard their names announced as the first place winners, they were more than shocked. “I was like ‘really?’ “, Walsh chuckled, “I’m happy, but we did kind of wing it.” Drummer Lauren Wadsworth showed the same reaction. “There were so many people in the show, I did not expect it,”. The sophomore and ERHS senior stated that the band has been writing their own material, but will not release it until they feel as if the songs are perfect. PROTIKAL is scheduled to compete in The Battle of the Bands during the month of February in 2018. The band will be defending their title, as they were the winners if last year’s competition as well.

Regardless of the results, performers left the stage with smiling faces and a final bow to the audience. This may not be the end of the road for some acts, perhaps Eagle River’s Talent Show was just the beginning.

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