Come to a poetry reading this Friday at the Experience Theatre!

Early last month, I attended the Northern Pen Young Writers’ Conference, held at a retreat center in the Matanuska Valley. It was essentially a 3-day long writing workshop for four teenage writers from all over the country (representing Alaska, Minnesota, Texas, and Massachusetts/New York) alongside the direction of a music composer, a novelist, an interdisciplinary artist and performer, and a professor from the prestigious Middlebury College. The conference’s theme of focus was the subject of place: how our environment informs our thinking, our identity, and our writing, as well as how music can be written to complement prose – the synergy of music and the written word. Out of this conference, each attendee produced a piece of writing that reflected this theme.

A month after the fact, the Anchorage-based composer Michael Dickerson and I have organized a presentation showcasing the pieces written at the conference. This presentation, which includes poetry and prose readings done by myself set to music composed specifically for the pieces in question, will take place this Friday on November 10th at the Experience Theatre. I invite all students of Eagle River High School to attend. The show is free and will begin at 7PM. I’d love to see you there. Further details on the conference will be presented during the show.

Thank you,

Elias Christian

Creative Writing Director for the ERHS Howl

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