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Every Thursday during lunch, several students gather in Mr. Holloway’s classroom A103 to participate in Green Club. Although the objectives of this club often vary from year to year, depending on each individual student’s interests, the general purpose of Green Club is to bring awareness to matters that deal with the natural environment and possible solutions to problems that may be occurring.

Green Club often includes a wide range of topics related to the environment. Since it is still the beginning of the school year, several topics and ideas are in the midst of discussion. Some that have been previously explored through this club include renewable energy sources, pollution, and natural habitats. Some possible ideas include a recycling competition, creating a small terrarium, and clever ideas that help generate awareness within the school of how wasteful people can be with posters and other paper products.

There have been several students who decided to participate in Green Club this 2017-2018 school year for varying reasons, sophomore Katie Bell being one of them. Although Katie has aspirations to become a nurse, she is very passionate about the environment and how to make people aware of the needs of the planet. “I joined because I thought it would be interesting to learn about the earth and its problems, along with doing what I can in our society to help minimize our effect on the planet. Doing volunteer stuff related to this I would enjoy,” she shared. “I hope to achieve a better understanding of pollution and the effects, also to personally help the school in understanding and cutting down on waste.”

In Mr. Holloway’s words, students should join because “The planet is a wonderful legacy, and I am afraid we are going to lose it if nothing is done.” “It’s for a good cause and I think anyone would have fun in the club,” Katie also encouraged. Any student is welcome to join this club, and it is a wonderful way to address the needs of the environment and the natural world.

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