Autism Through my Eyes

By: Piper Evans

I can’t see how other people feel and body language is so hard to understand.

I do know some basic emotion like mad, sad, or happy. When I get upset my mind shuts down, and sometimes I can’t even see other options. I don’t look at people when they’re talking to me sometimes, and my mind takes thousands of pictures of a face per second. That makes me look away. I don’t know how to socialize as well as others and feel I don’t need to socialize. When I do socialize I try to quickly get out of the conversation. I am very smart, I have good grades in every subject. I’m also very talented, I can sing and dance. Mrs. Kelzenberg even said I do well in a lot of sports! A strength of mine is that I’m good at math and I can be creative, so I can use both sides of my brain where a lot of people can’t. One thing I wish I could do better is maintaining a long conversation. I’m sure my friends can help me with that!

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