Aspirations Of Eagle Rivers Wolf Cubs

Freshmen. This word can differ in meaning depending on which class a student is in. Upperclassmen may view the 9th grade class as loud, annoying, and/or pesky but they were once wolf cubs as well. At only ages 14-15, these students are still developing goals and learning what is important to them in life. According to an article written by Ariel Naji in The Princeton Review, freshman should just relax and start to get a feel for things.

On the first day of school there were many freshmen trying to find their classes and avoid embarrassing moments. Some were concealing true faces of terror while others fidgeted and awkwardly rushed to class. “Most seemed excited, and the ones that came to orientation were more prepared and less anxious,” stated Eagle River’s activities Assistant Principal Vikki McConnell with a passionate tone while leaning over her desk.

So what are freshmen aspiring to when they’re seniors? While conducting interviews this reporter discovered interesting similarities among other Wolf cubs. Some of the cubs looked for long-term career answers while others focused on goals and hobbies they’re into now.  “A youtuber and a professional artist, ” answered Freshmen Maria Lewis.

Freshman Will Martin stated something similar: “Having a job and being a pro skateboarder.”

 “When I’m a senior I will probably be volunteering at the zoo,”  said Freshmen Kaden Sessler. He also adds that he adores animals and being around them.

Freshmen Mason Baker answered while nodding his head “ I will be a 405 pound bench presser.”

 “I want another dog,” states Freshmen Caris Willis.









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