Anonymous Student Submission – “D”

Her name suits her…

The Poet “D”


Her name suits her.

It’s pretty.

and petite.

Like a princess folding her hands in her lap

Before she eats a mouse-sized portion.

She’s blonde.

And round in all the right places,

She looks beautiful.

And I pale in comparison.

She’s perfectly toned:

A peachy white colour covers her skin

Like a sugary glaze,

And cascades of golden ringlet curls

Fall over her shoulders in waterfalls of beauty.

Her eyes are wild and gorgeous

A swampy green, that reflects

All that she will ever see.

And adventure is high on her to do list

And she is high on yours.

I may not be blonde

With ringlet curls,

Or sugary skin,

Or forest eyes.

I may not have

A princess name,

A flowery touch

Or perfect, manicured nails.

I may not look like a surfer,

Or wear twiney bracelets,

Or silvery rings,

Or pose perfectly

Like a model in your photographs.

But I could show you adventure…

Couldn’t I?

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