An Introduction to Our Creative Writing Project

Students of Eagle River High School,

My name is Elias Christian and I’m the creative submissions director-and-editor for the Howl’s creative writing section, which is something I want to talk a little about. The Howl’s creative writing program offers students the opportunity to submit poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, or any form of 2-dimensional art for review by the Howl’s creative writing department in exchange for possible extra credit points in their English classes. Every two weeks, one submission will be selected for publication to the website and will be featured until the next submission cycle. The selected, winning student will be given an official slip of paper to be turned in to their English teacher to receive their extra credit points.

Submissions can be sent in as email attachments (as Microsoft Word documents or as PDF files) or as Google Docs to; submissions can also be printed and turned in to Mr. Johnson’s room A129 or to myself.

The guidelines are listed below:

  • Do not submit any inappropriate pictures or articles. Any transgressive pieces will be handed over to security for review.
  • Only 1 submission per students each submission cycle
  • Include name, class period, and phone number with your submission
  • Maximum of 2 pages for written pieces
  • All written articles are subject to minor grammatical corrections

Submissions will also be reviewed for content: The ERHS Howl is a school-sponsored entity, so any submissions containing overtly controversial/potentially upsetting religious topics/radically partisan political statements will not be selected.

I’m excited for this! Since I started attending Eagle River High School at the beginning of my junior year, I have had a vision of a venue through which Eagle River students will have the opportunity to express and present themselves creatively and artistically, and that vision is now manifested in the Howl’s creative writing section.

As a personal goal of mine, I would like to see the Howl host poetry readings and poetry workshops by the end of the year, and the finances to produce and print a high-quality annual literary journal that contains a culmination of the Howl’s best submissions by the school’s best wordsmiths. This school newspaper is more than simply a place where students can derive important news and event information, but an institution that has made its goal to inspire and celebrate creativity through the literary arts (poetry, short stories, etcetera).

If you love to write and think you might have something you want to see published on our website or even if you want a chance at a little extra credit in your English class, I deeply encourage you to take part in this new program and submit any writing you have to us. Thank you.

Play hard, think deeply, write well,
Elias Christian

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