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As the the season for giving approaches, it is important for all of you love birds to plan cute and exciting dates to go on with your significant other (or soon to be). Cold weather and falling snow create a romantic atmosphere that is ideal for the perfect date. There is so much potential here! Seize the day! Spend a night on the town or in the wilderness with the person you claim to be “the best gift” you could ask for! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, none of the above, or all of the above, this time of the year means one thing: Winter Break! No school for two and a half weeks means plenty of opportunities to have some fun.  

Here are some potentially holiday-themed dates to go on during our freedom break from school. Once again presented by the Love Doctor, remember that I am actually a loveless and lonely person. Also, these ideas might not suit every person, depending on personal preference.

  • Zoo Lights: Walk around the Anchorage Zoo and gape at all the beautiful lights that are hung along the trails and animal enclosures. 
  • Snowball Fight: Build snow forts and throw balls of snow at each other’s faces.
  • New Coffee Shop: Get out of your comfort zones and don’t go to Jitters for once. Order your usual drink and a pastry to share.
  • Ice Skating: Inside and outside are equally as magical. You don’t have to be good because you can help each other out. *WARNING* Ice skating can be dangerous please do not blame me if you fall and break your leg.
  • Sledding: One sled means you share. Two sleds mean you race. Pick your poison.
  • Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding: Powder for days. Show off your moves, or just struggle together. Of course, right now you should just curse at the sky because the weather decided that it’s now spring in December and the only thing to ski or snowboard down is mud. 
  • Walks/Hikes: Bundle up and head outside. Talk about life as you listen to the snow crunching under your feet. Or listen to the mud squishing as you walk. Because what even is snow. 
  • Building Gingerbread Houses: Show off your decorating skills, or just make ’em look real bad. Gingerbread men don’t judge.
  • Christmas Movie Marathon: Nothing prepares you for the holiday season better than sitting on the couch and staring at a screen for hours on end. My suggestion is to watch Diehard at least once, I promise it’s actually a Christmas movie. 
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Buy them together or make them together, who cares. As long as they’re ugly enough to break a mirror.
  • Ice Sculptures: Gape at the creative genius of artists wielding chainsaws in downtown Anchorage. Watch out for the puddle sculptures; they’re unimpressive until your significant other goes flying.
  • Stargazing/Northern Lights: Throw a pile of blankets and sleeping bags in the car and drive to the top of a mountain. This is the perfect opportunity for deep, intellectual conversations. Maybe it will romantically snow like it does in the movies. Or not because spring came early this year.
  • Downtown Sleighride: Very romantic, very scenic. Make sure to dress warm and point at everything you see so people don’t confuse you with a local.
  • Eagle River: Hike on down to the river itself at one of its many access points. Don’t walk on the ice though (if there’s even any left). Just stay by the bank and throw rocks or something.
  • Making a Snowman: Who doesn’t love the perfect snowman? Or you can make a mudman and have a mud fight since there’s no snow. 

I guarantee there are plenty more holiday-themed date opportunities out there, but these are just a few in case you were more stumped than me. Good luck, have fun, be safe, and Happy Holidays!

*Remember: Always leave room for whatever higher deity you may or may not believe in*

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